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Traditionally, accommodation in Greece is fairly basic, having evolved from 'village rooms' in private houses, hence very similar to the owner's own accommodation. This is largely still true of the smaller, family run, accommodation available today. For those who desire it, the more recent and larger hotels offer a higher level of amenities, albeit at a higher price.

Self-catering accommodation

This is the most popular and widely-available type of holiday accommodation. A studio for two will usually consist of a single room with twin (i.e. two single) beds and a kitchenette with a small en-suite room comprising the toilet, wash-basin and shower. A studio for three will accommodate an extra bed, which may be a sofa-bed or camp bed. An apartment will be very similar to a studio but with an attached bedroom. Double beds are a rarity in tourist accommodation and, when it's hot, that's something to be grateful for.

For the vast majority of people who visit Greece, Greek food is one of the attractions and is best enjoyed by sampling the local tavernas. Thus the 'self catering' kitchen facilities are likely to be fairly basic, usually a sink unit with drainer, drawer and cupboard, a two-ring electric cooker and a fridge.

Kitchens utensils are likely to consist of a large pan, a frying pan (maybe) and a small pan, which is actually the Greek kettle, or ‘briki’, used for making Greek coffee. It can also be used for making ‘British’ tea.

As the term implies, in self-catering accommodation you’ll need to supply your own consumables, e.g. washing-up liquid, etc – all available locally.

If your studio/apartment has a balcony or terrace you’re likely to find a table and chairs there, otherwise these will be in the main room. You may get an electric kettle / toaster / grill oven, etc, but don’t expect it –  much less a microwave - unless it’s in the brochure description for the accommodation.

Showers are usually hand-held and shower curtains are traditionally considered to be unhygienic. Water is scarce and electricity expensive in Greece and you may find that the water is heated by solar power, although these days most accommodation has mains back-up. Nonetheless, you might find the temperature and pressure are lower between the hours of 17:00-19:00 as this is when most people tend to shower.

On arrival you should find a toilet roll in the shower room, in self-catering accommodation you replace these yourself as and when needed. Don’t forget - put used toilet paper in the bin provided, not down the toilet as this is likely to block the pipes and you will be liable for any expenses incurred. The maid will empty the bin on her visits, or you can empty it yourself into one of the nearby wheelie-bins.
Showers are usually hand held

Air-conditioning may be available and may be included in the price or may be an optional extra, payable locally. Maid service and linen change is likely to be twice a week, once on the day you arrive and then 3-4 days later. This will be specified in the brochure description for the accommodation so, if you’re fussy about such things, make sure you check before you book.

Hotel rooms

Hotel rooms and suites tend to be very similar to self-catering rooms but without any kitchen facilities. There may be a fridge in your room although this may be payable locally if you want to use it (as not everyone will). Similarly, air-conditioning, where available, may be included in the price but is often an optional extra, payable locally. Items such as toilet rolls will normally be supplied by the hotel, maid service and linen change may be more frequent than in self-catering accommodation - as always, check the brochure before you book.


Villas usually offer just about everything you’d find in a private house, including television and DVD/stereo system (but may not include a telephone and computer, so internet access may not be available) and are invariably self-catering. Maid service between 3-7 days a week. As always, check before you book.


While you are occupying the accommodation you are responsible for the contents. 
If you do break or lose anything please inform the owner, as soon as possible, so
that a replacement can be obtained.  Take great care of the key as these can be difficult to obtain, necessitating a journey to Argostoli.

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