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Lounging about on the beach all day  is pretty idyllic but for those who want to get the most out of their time on Kefalonia and enjoy a more individual holiday experience there's a variety of options, including:

4x4 4x4 Explore

Get off the tourist trail without getting lost up a mountain, really explore Kefalonian with an experienced local driver/guide in your personal 'jeep safari':  ancient ruins, hidden caves,  rare wildlife - all on your doorstep but a million miles away from most tourists.

bird Birding / botany

Guided explorations to explore the natural environment, focused on your interests.

canyon Canyoning / caving

Really explore hidden Kefalonia,  whatever your experience / fitness level.


There are some good dive opportunities on and around Kefalonia, including organised diving to the wreck of HMS Perseus and Melissani Lake (although booking well in advance is necessary
for those).


One hour treks to seven-day holidays in the beautiful Kefalonian countryside on sturdy, well natured and well cared for horses.

kayak Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking tours along various stretches of the Kefalonian coast. Suitable for all levels of experience, including complete novices, includes equipment, instruction,  etc.

jetskiWater sports

Water sports can be great fun
and you can try a variety of water sports on Kefalonia, e.g.  jet-ski, scuba diving, wind- surfing and snorkelling, mainly in the busier resorts such as Skala and Lassi. 

Just be aware that some insurance policies classify some water sports as high risk and won’t cover you for any personal injury costs resulting from participation.

If you’ve got full cover, and are satisfied that the activity and equipment is safe, go enjoy.

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