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Anyone who works with tourists in Greece tends to be asked pretty much the same questions. Frequently.

So here are some of the (polite) answers:

Q. Do you like it?
A. Yes, it’s a beautiful island, the locals are friendly and the sun shines almost every day.

Q. What’s it like in winter?
A. Well, it can be cold, wet and damp. But not like the UK.

Q. What do you do in the winter?
A. As little as possible. Unless you’re a builder or goat-herder there isn’t much work in the winter. Most people who work in the summer work very long hours, seven days a week, so in the winter we relax and refresh ourselves, do little jobs that couldn’t get done in the summer, meet up with friends we haven't seen all summer, maybe pick some olives and... enjoy the peace.

Q. How much does it cost to buy a house / land?
A. Depends what you want and whereabouts. Probably best to look in the real estate agents in Argostoli.

Q. What are the little boxes by the road side?
A. Shrines, either to people who passed away at that spot, or as thanks to God for a miraculous escape.

Q. Why are the trees painted white?
A1. Tradition. I’ve asked various locals and always got a different answer, none of which make much sense:
A2. To stop the insects eating the trees: they crawl or fly above the paint line;
A3. To stop the goats eating the trees: they stand on their hind legs, or on a car bonnet;
A4. So drivers can see the trees at night: er, what about the ones in the middle of the olive grove?
And so on...

Q. Aren't you lucky!?!
A. Yes, in the sense we didn't have anything preventing us from moving to Greece. We did some research, thought it over, made the decision and did it. It doesn't suit everyone but, overall, we're quite content with life in Greece.

Q. What's the weather going to do tomorrow?
A. Hot and sunny, most likely. Have a look at the daily weather forecast

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